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Catering Collective for your Film Location Catering Crew

At Work

Catering on Location

Early Mornings, late nights, long hours - That’s just standard.

After decades of working within the demands of the industry it’s just all second nature to us. Having the privilege of being one of the first on set, as we start breakfast preparations, still gives us a sense of satisfaction. Which is something that we just don’t get from any other type of catering. Film, TV and Commercial Location Catering is just what we do best!

  • Catering at Work

Film Location Catering

Films shoots can be long haul, and therefor very taxing on everyone involved. Trying hard to alleviate the stress, we vary our menus vastly from week to week.

One of the advantages however of a long shoot, is we have the opportunity to get to know the crew better. Which means we learn more about their tastes and appetites, and can then implement them into our menus where appropriate. That’s what Film TV and Commercial Location Catering should be all about. Feeding cast and crew the food they want.

We bring in fresh menus as the weeks, or months roll on, to help maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm throughout the shoot. And, you can rest assured, that from the first meal to the very last, the quality will be of the highest standard

TV and Commercial

Location Catering

We all know that Commercials can be intensive and demanding on cast and crew alike, and the diversity of people to keep happy can be great. We can be there to keep not just your cast and crew happy, but we also understand that keeping your client and agency needs met is just as important. More often than not its Very long hours over a Very short period. It takes stamina and experience to effectively keep up with the demands placed on the crew, your diet here is of paramount importance. And we take it Very Seriously. We ensure our food gives your crew the necessary energy to endure the demands of shooting a commercial on Location.

We will be on site, on time, and fully prepared to feed your hungry crew a suitable and delicious meal at every single call!
It’s simply Film, TV and Commercial Location Catering at its Very Best.

Music Promo Catering

Music Promos can be short sharp and fast paced

But fear not!

We are well used to this and are always to serve the food your crew and artists want on time.

We have done it, and are ready to do it all over again and again.

When you call us to discuss your requirements, you will be provided with a competitive quote with no hidden extra charges.
And maximum discretion
in this line of work goes without saying. We Are the go to FilmTV and Commercial Location Catering team.

UK Wide Film & TV Location Catering
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