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Catering Collective for your Film Location Catering Crew

Our Food

Keeping it fresh and different

Thats our motto

Unlike many film location Catering companies who employ chefs to run their kitchens, we here at Catering Collective, Chef and run all our own jobs. Therefore, giving a consistent quality every time we are booked.

We don’t have set a menu list that is repeated every other week. We have a massive repertoire of dishes to bring into play to suit what you are doing, the weather and even where your crew are from.

Our menus vary and are sometimes even rejigged on the day, to fit in with changes in the schedule. And, we set the standard for Vegetarian, Gluten free, and special dietary needs location Catering.

Continuous Days

We take continuous day working in our stride and have many menus and the right equipment to facilitate this increasing aspect of TV and Film Industry. Maintaining, and on occasion improving, the health and fitness of your crew through our food is very important to us. We believe that healthy eating helps maintain a healthy working attitude.

Gluten free

and Special Dietary Needs Location Catering

Coeliac disease is a condition that affects 1 in a hundred of the UK population. Combine this fact with the increasing prevalence of diagnosed food intolerance and Allergies, and there will invariably be special dietary requirements on most shoots for the film location caterers to take into account.

Catering Collective incorporate a gluten free philosophy into their cooking, virtually all of our sauces are gluten free as a norm: All thickening ingredients in our dishes are gluten free too.

Individual requirements are normally discussed in advance with production during pre-shoot preparation for Gluten free, and special dietary needs location Catering. Which ensures we are more than fully prepared to cater for you and all your crew.

Vegan and Vegetarian Location Catering

We pride ourselves on our many and varied vegetarian dishes. A daily vegetarian option is always on the menu, and more often than not there will be a vegan choice too. If there are vegans in the cast or crew, they are always looked after with no fuss. You are guaranteed fabulous and flavourful food from our vegan & Vegetarian, location Catering.

Food sustainability

We source as much of our ingredients as possible from local and sustainable sources such as red tractor suppliers, and take particular care to only purchase fish from sustainable stock. With our continued aim towards delicious and healthy vegetarian, Gluten free, and special dietary needs location Catering, your vegetarian and vegan crew members will be kept happily fed everyday of your shoot.

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