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Why it’s important

Environmentally Sustainable Location Catering

Today’s modern lifestyle and environment is already overloaded with a constant bombardment of pollution, copious amounts of waste generated for landfills, humanity’s over use of throw away items and inconceivable food wastage. The filming industry has had a reputation for being particularly wasteful… however, Martin & Russ from Catering Collective are changing that stereotype and are delighted to offer you a comprehensive, eco-friendly Location Catering Service, along with over 20years of experience in providing excellence in sustainable catering for the filming industry.

“It’s really vital that we all start making practical, functional and positive changes for a better future and that we look for ways to encourage and support others to do the same. That’s exactly what our conscientious, dynamic team are offering”

We incorporate “Environmentally Friendly”, “Sustainable” and “Ethical” within our ethos, ensuring you get:

Our Ecologically Friendly Location Catering Policies include:

We are proudly committed to providing all of this AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.

We regularly review and update our sustainability policies. Our aim is to do our utmost to protect the environment and keep our farm-to-fork responsibility transparent and a matter of great pride.

Our Location Catering Sustainability Plan is backed by and the Albert Consortium

Catering Collective works closely with the BAFTA-led Albert Consortium and, who both help us to achieve a high level of environmentally sustainable location catering. Both initiatives support the film industry’s transition to an environmentally sustainable future.

Sustainability Catering offers full carbon and sustainability audits, which cover the impact of location catering by reducing emissions and costs. The consultancy can manage everything on and off set to make shoots sustainable and detail charitable donations from items left at the end of production.

Baftas Albert is an industry initiative that provides carbon calculators to the   media industry. It features 13 of the UK’s largest production companies and broadcasters and is committed to addressing issues of environmental sustainability in the UK film industry.

Catering Collective works closely with the Albert Consortium, which provides us with the tools and guidance needed to reduce the impact of moving-image media production on the environment.

We at Catering Collective, as Film Location caterers, are fully committed to doing our part in making changes and changing attitudes. We also aim to exceed expectations for all your Environmentally sustainable location catering requirements.

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